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Initially, Infant homework is the sharing of reading books and learning to read and write ‘commonly used’ words via their reading trees.

Informal homework is encouraged as they get older such as bringing in items to share linked to our topics.

Juniors (Y3 – Y6)

In addition to spellings, reading and times tables, homework is given weekly. This varies in content but may be open-ended research or the completion of a relevant sheet of work. Homework is done in a homework book.

Extended Learning Tasks ( ELTs) are longer, more open-ended activities that children can interpret more personally. For example it might involve making a poster, booklet, film or model. The idea is that children take their interests and develop them further. Parents are welcome to join in and help on such tasks. They are usually set over 2 – 3 weeks which will include a holiday period.

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We aim to hear children read regularly in school, but also ask that you read with your child and to your child every day whilst they are becoming fluent. Bedtime stories are actively encouraged! Every time your child reads, they should make a record of it in their reading record book. Please sign or comment in the book too.