The Nursery Day

Lambourn CofE Nursery is open Monday to Friday during term time. Term dates can be found here (embed link to calendar)


Morning session 08:30 – 11:40
All day session 08:30 – 15:20
Friday all day session 08:30 – 13:30

What to bring 

Two year old and Foundation Stage 1 children are not required to wear school uniform, though some children like to wear it to feel part of the school. The Early Years curriculum is based on the children’s choice of activities, some of which they undertake without adult assistance. This can mean that they can become covered with paint, pen, mud, flour or water depending on the activities they choose. Please do not send your child in wearing special clothes – we do have aprons but cannot guarantee that children working independently will remember to use them. Children need to have shoes that they can put on and do up themselves.

You will need to provide your child with waterproofs and wellington boots. All Early Years classes spend time during the day outside enjoying our exceptional outdoor space  so they may get muddy. Waterproofs and wellies must be left in school but checked regularly to make sure they fit.

If your child is still using nappies, we ask that you provide enough nappies, wipes and any nappy cream for the duration of their stay.