At Lambourn Primary School, the special needs of children are identified through observation, assessment and discussions with parents/carers/previous school records and health agencies e.g. GP, school nurse etc. Parents/carers are consulted at every stage and invited to attend meetings with the Mrs Tovey our SENDCo (Special Needs and Disabilities Coordinator) and support services. Teachers and teaching assistants plan suitable programmes of work and interventions to support individual children’s needs.

If further advice and guidance from a specialist is needed, a referral to the relevant agency will be made. Again, parents/carers will be consulted at every stage.

Occasionally, a child is issued with an Educational Health & Care Plan (EHCP). Very occasionally, the process may reveal that a child should attend a school where expert help is available to support their specific needs. Such cases are usually short term. The majority of children identified as having special needs are catered for by the school.